rabbleuk (rabbleuk) wrote,

I ain't gettin' on no airplane

Bah, just checked the return times for the Skylink from East Midlands Airport for Monday 23rd of July (when I return from Slovakia).
I get in at 22:55, the bus leaves at 23:05 ... then they don't come for another hour.

The likelyhood of landing at 22:55, getting off the plane, going through security, then picking up the luggage within 10 minutes is ZERO, meaning I'll get back to the house at about 00:50 (or 02:50 Slovakian time).

I have to get leave off for London the next morning at 6am.

If anyone with a car is kind enough to come pick me up from East Midlands Airport at about 23:15 on Monday evening it would be greatly appreciated.
If you do, please text me (and let people on here in case I get a multitude of offers)
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