rabbleuk (rabbleuk) wrote,

House Clearance - stuff for sale/free

I'm moving out of my 3 bedroom house, into a flat - so I'm needing to rid myself of a number of things.
Listing things here before I get them on eBay (for ease and lazines) and can deliver most items.

Computer Workstation / Desk - £40

Double bed, mattress and black metal arched head board (collection only) - £30

Sofa - 3 seater - FREE (collection only)

Wardrobe - FREE (collection only)

Measurements and pictures: http://www.darc.net/gallery/Furniture

Microwave - £25
(Breville 800w Microwave & Grill)

DVD player (with remote) - £10
(Scan-440LSI - silver slimline DVD player
scart, optical, coaxial, composite, s-video and 5.1 audio connections)

Pics: http://www.darc.net/gallery/House_Move

Dragon clock - £5
Dragon mirror - £5
Skull (bedside) lamp - £8
Skeletal 6 piece Band - £10

Pics of most: http://www.darc.net/gallery/Ornaments

Clothing / footwear / weapons
Gi (for martial arts - thick one for ninjutsu, black, incl white belt) - £20
(size - fits me, I have a 36" waist)

Football boots (the type you use for 5 aside) size 10 - £5

Pics: http://www.darc.net/gallery/Clothing
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