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I sold my soul, and I sold yours too

OK, so I've finally given up my trial period at work, and am going permanent. Sorry Mike.

Last night, Curtis, Andy and I followed Bob along to the Peacock Theatre to see Jump, which was advertised as something like "Jackie Chan meets the Waltons". Needless to say, I've had the Waltons theme tune in my head for the past few days. It was a highly amusing oriental martial arts based comedy show, to which I laughed along to a number of times. Cheers to Bob for organising a cool evening out.

This mornings walk to work was interesting as we walked the 60 seconds down the road from the hotel, past the local pub, The Great Western.

We'd heard rumour that there was a stabbing in the pub on Sunday evening ... obviously the flowers in the latter photo confirms that this was fatal. I love Hayes, it's such a friendly place to be :)
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