rabbleuk (rabbleuk) wrote,

Everywhere you go

It snowed!

A lot.

Down south.

Wait, I'm down south! Ace! Sounds like the poor people back in Nottingham haven't quite got what we have. It's about 2 inches thick here. My car was completely covered, I was amazed at how thick it was as I haven't seen snow like this in years (a downside of Nottingham is it never really get's much snow when everywhere else does).

So, having got up early to take/join Curtis in the gym, I made a Snow Angel, had a snowball fight, then we set off for Stockley Park.
I went for a walk while Curtis went for his induction. Ambling along, I took some photos, then decided it was a good morning (7am) for making a snowman ... then a Happy Snow Bench.
I also thought sebby6 would appreciate a snow effect photo of Hasbro, for all her pony needs.

So here's the Snow Photos I took this morning.

Only downside is that I have the 130 mile drive back to Nottingham this afternoon/evening, and the reports are the M1 isn't doing so good at the moment. Would've thought that'd be resolved by then though.

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